Stuc-O-Flex Elastomeric Acrylic Finishes

Advanced Finish Integrity

Stuc-O-Flex Elastomeric Acrylic Finish provides a protective weathering membrane in a pre-colored, extremely durable, fade and mildew resistant coating. The industry’s highest levels of 100% Acrylic Polymer ensures un-matched resistance to surface cracking unlike standard finishes. An unlimited selection of colors (over 10,000) in four distinct aggregate choices create a wide variety of texture opportunities from the heaviest southwest stucco to the more contemporary sand finish.

  • Maximum Crack Coverage & Bridging Abilities
  • Breathable (WVT) = 13 Perms Average
  • Calcium - Marble Aggregates (Prevents Rust)
  • No Silica Sand
  • Coating Integrity - Exceeds 30 Year Exposure
  • Comprehensive ASTM Third Party Testing
  • America’s First Elastomeric Acrylic Finish
  • 500 Million Feet in Service World Wide
  • Equally Effective Regardless of Climate
  • (-70°F to 180°F)
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • New Construction, Retrofit or Repair
Stuc-O-Flex Elastomeric Acrylic Finish Product Data Sheet


Texture samples

  • Fine
  • Sand
  • Modified
  • Putz

See all textures in Colors & Textures page.

Stuc-O-Flex Product Features

  1. Stuc-O-Flex is a water-based material - easy clean up while wet with soap and water.
  2. Stuc-O-Flex is safe, similar to water base latex paint.
  3. Stuc-O-Flex is class "A" fire rated - will not propagate flame / fire.
  4. Stuc-O-Flex is comprised of "100% Acrylic" polymer - best exterior performance.
  5. Stuc-O-Flex is manufactured in the United States of America.
  6. Easy to apply by trowel, or appropriate spray equipment.
  7. Stuc-O-Flex is available in twenty (20) standard colors; over 10,000 computer generated special colors.
  8. Uses include renovation, repair and new construction.
  9. Washability - Cured Stuc-O-Flex can be cleaned with hot water and soap or appropriate pressure washing.
  10. Stuc-O-Flex is chemical resistant against mineral spirits, paint thinner, muratic acid, etc...
  11. Stuc-O-Flex can be painted with an acrylic latex paint or Stuc-O-Flex Renew at a later point in time to change the color if desired. Designs can also be painted over Stuc-O-Flex after drying.
  12. Applications to most common construction surfaces.
  13. Provides a noise reduction coefficient reducing decibel levels when applied to interior walls including restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, office buildings, etc...
  14. Minimum maintenance required after installation - Wash walls with appropriate power washer or by hand as required.
  15. Outstanding color consistency & color retention.
  16. Competitively priced.
  17. Unlimited textures opportunities in four different sized aggregate choices.
  18. Outstanding quality control and consistency in Stuc-O-Flex production.
  19. Building code compliant.
  20. Stuc-O-Flex is a breathable membrane- 10 -14 perms average (H2O vapor transmission)
  21. Stuc-O-Flex can be either field applied or prefabricated (panelized).
  22. Dries in 12 - 24 hours, complete cure in approximately 2 weeks.
  23. Provides outstanding hiding power against shadowing from substrate below.
  24. Outstanding resistance to environmental impact: freeze - thaw cycles, salt spray, wind driven rain, abrasion & chemical resistance, color retention, UV radiation.
  25. A preservative system in the Stuc-O-Flex Finish resists mold & mildew growth.

Comparison To Competitive Products

  1. Up to 33% more acrylic polymer solids than competitive acrylic finishes.
  2. Approximately 150 Sq. Ft. per pail coverage for sand finish texture. 20% - 35% more completed wall surface than competitors - per pail.
  3. Stuc-O-Flex is made from calcium / marble aggregates, which are pure white and free of foreign materials. Many competitive finishes are manufactured with silica sand that may contain iron, causing the finish to rust on exterior walls.
  4. Our finish is the industries First Elastomeric Acrylic Finish; other companies are now trying to duplicate performance characteristics.
  5. Stuc-O-Flex finish provides 105% elongation (stretchability).
  6. Others make claims of elasticity but have no reports using the same test methods, and ultimately, not the same performance.
  7. Some manufacturers use polymers, which they externally plasticize to enhance flexibility. Unfortunately, this plasticizer leaches out very rapidly causing the modified product to become brittle within six months.
  8. Geometric shape of aggregates in Stuc-O-Flex Finish is like square boxes - as opposed to round silica (in competitors) - combined with higher polymer solids lend itself to a more resilient material extending service life.
  9. High acrylic polymer content enhances abilities for spray application.
  10. Outstanding resistance to dirt pick-up.
  11. Stuc-O-Flex offers fully Warranty assemblies including a Ten Year Drainage Warranty on “WaterWay” Rainscreen Drainage Systems.