One of our fastest growing market segments is residential construction, and for good reason; WaterWay Rainscreen Mats and Stretchable Stuc-O-Flex Finishes. We offer a variety of enhanced traditional stucco and cladding assemblies that all but “Eliminate Moisture Related Problems”, increasing service life and improving customer satisfaction.

Our Stuc-O-Flex Exterior Assemblies enabled the architectural community and builder to offer homes with elegant appeal while maintaining a realistic budget. Whether you build more affordably priced homes or custom structures for the most discriminating clientel, Stuc-O-Flex can compliment your efforts by providing wall finish options unavialble from competitive manufacturers.

Curb appeal:

By incorporating architectural elements such as arches, columns, key stones, reveals, quoins, or accent bands, complimented by the rich color and texture of Stuc-O-Flex Finish, you can feel confident the attractive exterior appearance will compel that potential buyer to take a closer look at your properties.


With a variety wall cladding options, Stuc-O-Flex can accommodate even the tightest of budgetary constraints. Comparative to standard siding materials, you will find the cost of Stuc-O-Flex to be extremely competitive while the benefits far out weigh alternative material options.


Energy efficiency by way of optional exterior insulation is just one of the choices offered. Stuc-O-Flex products have been thoroughly ASTM tested by recognized independent laboratories combined with 25 years of field exposure in every conceivable climate. Stuc-O-Flex finishes resist fading, mold and mildew growth while providing a waterproof coating in a breathable membrane. The elastomeric properties in our finish reduce the likelyhood of cracks and the potential problems associates with water penetration beyond common acrylic finishes.


Realizing construction time is of paramount importance to the builder. In considering subcontractor scheduling, return on investment and getting your finished project to market, Stuc-O-Flex can be the least time consuming phase of construction. Systems can be completed start to finish in as little as two days. Mechanical attachment of Cenemtitious sheathing materials or foam insulation allows fiberglass mesh and Base Coat to be installed in the same day. After drying overnight, Stuc-O-Flex finishes and sealants will finalize the vertical walls. With the exterior portion completed, your home is now selling itself while the balance of construction is completed.

Track record:

For over 25 years Stuc-O-Flex International has enjoyed a dominate share of the Stucco, E.I.F.S and direct applied wall systems market in residential construction. From coast to coast, in every conceivable climate, Stuc-O-Flex is the siding of choice by many of America’s largest builders. Whether your company builds a couple custom’s or a thousand spec homes a year, we support corporations like yours. We understand your business, and look forward to supporting your stucco and siding needs.