Stuc-O-Flex Wall Assemblies are regularly specified for many of the largest and most prominent companies in the corporate world as well as government agencies from coast to coast. Whether your firm supports the construction, engineering or building design, whether your project involves new construction, remediation or retrofit, we have the experience, understanding, and capabilities to enhance your construction team. Commercial, institutional, industrial or residential projects; hotels, apartments, airports, schools, museums, casinos, theaters, condominiums, churches, schools, shopping centers, or custom homes are all part of the past experience and technical expertise offered by Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc.

Stuc-O-Flex provides the beauty and performance required in an exterior cladding assembly while saving money and valuable time during construction. Upon completion, Stuc-O-Flex continues to save dollars year after year by minimizing scheduled maintenance, heating and cooling costs, while enhancing exterior appearance over the life of the structure.

With the Architectural community challenged by corporate clientele to design buildings with ever increasing uniqueness and stature while maximizing the value added benefits for monies spent, Stuc-O-Flex is quickly becoming one of the most viable options to achieve customer satisfaction. Lightweight Stuc-O-Flex Exterior Systems can reduce structural requirements, saving time and dollars even before vertical walls are started. Using the unlimited potential for design, one can produce arches, columns, accent bands, reveals, keystones, quoins, graphics, monuments, and other unusual surface treatments. These geometric shapes combined with an unlimited selection of rich colors and textures; guarantee the only restriction in design is the imagination.

Considering an immediate energy savings of up to 40% over traditional materials combined with an elastomeric acrylic finish that withstands the worst mother nature has to offer; including wind driven rain, freezing temperatures, blazing sun, thermal swings, wind, snow, even earthquakes in many cases, a more cost effective wall cladding is difficult to find.