Details / Drawings

1. "Therm-Flash" - Butyl Base Flexible Flashing

Window Installation & Flashing Details (Step by Step)
1. Windows 1.01 – Windows 1.10PDFCAD DWG

2. WaterWay RainScreen Drainage Mats (Cavity Construction)

A. Lap Siding Assembly with Drainage CA 1.0PDFCAD DWG
B. WaterWay Drainable Stucco Assembly CA 1.0
(See Section #3 Below)
C. Manufactured Stone with Drainage CA 1.0PDFCAD DWG
1. Termination at Foundation 1.1PDFCAD DWG
2. Ledger Detail 1.1PDFCAD DWG
D. General Details:
1. Cap Flashing 3.01PDFCAD DWG
2. Soffit / Fascia 1.0PDFCAD DWG
3. Plate Line FlashingPDFCAD DWG
4. Deck Flashing 4.0PDFCAD DWG
5. Saddle Flashing 3.02PDFCAD DWG
6. Inside Corner 1.0PDFCAD DWG
7. Outside Corner 2.0PDFCAD DWG
8. Window Head Flashing 1.0PDFCAD DWG
9. Non-Flanged Window – Jamb 2.01PDFCAD DWG
10. Non-Flanged Window – Head 2.02PDFCAD DWG
11. Non-Flanged Window – Sill 2.03PDFCAD DWG
12. Termination at Concrete Foundation 1.1PDFCAD DWG

3. WaterWay Drainable Stucco Assembly (Rainscreen)

A. Component Assembly WDSA 1.0PDFCAD DWG
B. General Details
1. Roof to Wall Kick-Out Flashing WDSA 2.0PDFCAD DWG
2. Cap Flashing 3.01PDFCAD DWG
3. Soffit / Fascia 1.0PDFCAD DWG
4. Expansion Joint 2.0PDFCAD DWG
5. Window Head Flashing 1.0PDFCAD DWG
6. Store Front Window 2.01 (jamb)PDFCAD DWG
7. Store Front Window 2.02 (head & sill)PDFCAD DWG
8. Inside Corner 1.0PDFCAD DWG
9. Outside Corner 2.0PDFCAD DWG
10. Saddle Flashing 3.02PDFCAD DWG
11. Deck Flashing 4.0PDFCAD DWG
12. Termination at Concrete Foundation 1.1PDFCAD DWG

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