The Logical Alternaitve To Standard Siding For Modular Construction
"Stucco Direct From Your Plant"

Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc., industry innovators who introduced Elastomeric Acrylic Finish to the construction community continues to advance the performance standards for exterior stucco coatings using technologies unprecedented in years past. The diversity of products and assemblies from Stuc-O-Flex satisfy both cosmetic appeal and service life requirements for today’s architect, builder and owners throughout the world.

Stuc-O-Flex International has combined the warmth and beauty of traditional stucco with the performance and insurance of elastomeric coatings. The Stuc-O-Flex finish is a premixed color integrated textured coating that is easily applied utilizing current labor skills and equipment. It can be either spray or trowel applied in unlimited colors and textures. The flexibility of this material allows prefabricated panels to be completed in your factory or application can be accomplished on-site. Regardless of your method of construction: HUD Code housing production, Modular, Panelized, Foam Block, Production Builders, Component Manufacturers, even applications to Metal., Stuc-O-Flex can offer the support, technical expertise, and experience to secure a viable finished product for the contractor, design professional and building owner.

The 105% elongation (stretchability) in the Stuc-O-Flex finish insures optimum crack resistance even in the most demanding applications. With our 25 year history and comprehensive package of ASTM testing by recognized independent laboratories, Stuc-O-Flex has the validity and track record to satisfy the most discriminating clientele. Unequalled performance in this product provides the customer with an attractive durable wall surface that requires only minimal maintenance regardless of environmental conditions. With installations in every conceivable climate from Russia to the Caribbean offering exceptional system performance, you can feel confident in considering this as a viable addition to your exterior finish options.

Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc. offers a wide variety of exterior assemblies. The Stuc-O-Flex finish may be applied directly to most substrate sheathings including Fiber-Cement products (Hardi-Board, Durock, Wonder Board, Plycem, Etc…) even metal with minimal preparation. We also offer a wide range of EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems) that can be adhesively or mechanically attached offering additional insulation value and unlimited design potential.

In addition to numerous standard colors, an extensive database of special color and computer generated formulas are available to meet your needs for those special projects. Unlimited textures can be achieved with the Stuc-O-Flex finish from a smooth sand finish to a bold skip trowel, knockdown, or lace finish. Because of the versatility in system options, we are able to accommodate cosmetic design requirements while maintaining a realistic budget for the exterior cladding on your building.

Whether your clients require school buildings, office units, housing, institutional or commercial space, we have the experience and technical expertise to support your business. We look forward to discussing potential opportunities with your company, and stand ready to support your particular project requirements.