Moisture-Flex Fluid Applied Weather Resistant Barrier

Moisture-Flex is a ready mixed 100% acrylic, elastomeric moisture resistant barrier. Direct applied to substrates this protective membrane minimizes the potential of water damage to sheathing materials.


50 pounds net weight / 5-gallon pail

When properly applied Moisture-Flex provides an effective air barrier and water resistive membrane in a protective coating for use with exterior wall coatings and systems.

Good adhesion to properly prepared substrates.
Vapor Permeable
Not a complete vapor barrier

Approximately 300 - 450 square feet per 5 gallon container when applied at required thickness. Coverage may vary depending on substrate & application method.

Shelf Life
One year, if protected from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures

Drying Time
Approximately 4 hours to the touch, depending on climate. Minimum 24 hours dry time prior to Adhesive/EPS applications or covering. Temperatures and humidity make effect dry times.

Protect from freezing. Store in a cool, dry area tightly sealed. Recommended storage temperature between 40-90 F.

Water soluble while wet.


  1. Ambient and surface temperatures must be above 40 F during application and drying period.
  2. Never use Moisture-Flex as a final coat.
  3. Not recommend for below grade applications
  4. Not recommended for bridging cracks greater than 1/16" in substrate systems.

Surface Preparation
Substrate must be clean, dry and free from all loose or foreign materials and above freezing temperatures prior to application.

Moisture-Flex may be applied by brush, roller, or appropriate spray equipment. Roller application requires a 3/4" nap length. Minimum dry coating thickness shall be 10 mils absent of pinholes, voids, and provide for a uniform coating membrane.


MOISTURE-FLEX is generally applied with long nap roller. A brush may be used for touch-up and edging work for small areas.

Substrates and adjacent surfaces to be coated shall be free of any grease, oil, dirt or other contaminates which will interfere with proper adhesion. Substrates should be completely dry and frost-free before coating.

MOISTURE-FLEX may be applied in two or more separate coats to insure proper fluid build, cure rate and a pinhole free continuous film. Each coat should be applied in a direction perpendicular to the previous coat. Each coat of MOISTURE-FLEX must be dry and cured before an additional coat is applied. All surfaces must be uniformly coated and be free from voids, pinholes or blisters.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES (typical, not to be considered as specifications):
pH: 9.4
Stromer viscosity: 100-110K. U.
% solids by weight: 72.0
% solids by volume: 56.5
Approximate elongation: 275%
Resistance to ponding water: (grams/24 hrs) + 0.0198
Heat age stability (oven stability): 7 days @ 120* F passes
Freeze/thaw stability @ 120* F: passes 5 cycles

is a single component ready-to-use material available in five gallon pails (19 liters) and 55 gallon drums (209 liters). The theoretical mil thickness given for coverage per gallon is based on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Actual gallons required in the field to achieve the minimum dry film thickness will depend upon the surface texture, method of application and weather conditions at the time of application. It is the responsibility of the applicator to apply sufficient material to achieve the MINIMUM dry film thickness of 10 mils.

MOISTURE-FLEX applied to the theoretical coverage rate of one gallon per 60 - 80sqft (0.41/m2) will yield approximately 10.0 dry mils.

should not be used for interior applications in place of a thermal barrier. Do not apply MOISTURE-FLEX at temperatures below 40* F, or when rain is imminent, or when there is a possibility of temperatures falling below 32* F (0* C) within a 24 hour period after the application.

MOISTURE-FLEX requires complete evaporation of water to cure. Cool temperatures and high humidity retard curing. Do not apply if weather conditions will not permit complete curing before rain, dew or freezing temperatures. Do not apply in the late afternoon if high moisture condensation will occur during the night.

MOISTURE-FLEX may appear well mixed, but upon standing may settle in the container(s); thoroughly mix the contents of all containers using a power mixer prior to application. Do not introduce air into product

**Thinning is not recommended. Do not allow product to freeze.